Comprehensive Epilepsy Care
Is there any difference between seizure, convulsion, fits & epilepsy?
At what age epilepsy usually starts?
What are the common causes of epilepsy in India?
How epilepsy is diagnosed? Do I need to get EEG and MR imaging of brain?
What are the treatment options for eilepsy?
What are the factors which can provoke seizure?
What to do if I have epilepsy? Can I stop medicine if I have fever or respiratory infections?
What is the duration of treatment?
Will medicines produce any side-effects if I take them for long-term?
Is epilepsy curable?
When should I consider the option of epilepsy surgery?
How effective and safe is epilepsy surgery?
I have epilepsy, Can I marry?
Should I disclose about my epilepsy before marriage to my fiancée and his/her family members?
Is epilepsy hereditary?
Will antiepileptic drugs affect my pregnancy and future child?
What to do if I witness someone has seizure (First aid during seizure)?
What precautions should I take for effective seizure control and better quality of life?
I am feeling very depressed. What should I do?
How can I help my child with epilepsy?
My child is hyperactive and poor in studies. What should I do?
Can I lead a normal life with epilepsy?
What can one do to prevent epilepsy?
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